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My Approach

I believe our self-concept, relationships and work are all intricately connected. Challenges in any one of these areas can throw us off balance in all aspects of our lives. Therefore, I employ a holistic approach toward counseling, not only addressing the internal symptoms but also focusing on the influences of the contextual and relational networks within the environment. Numerous methodologies have been found useful in facilitating such exploration. I employ narrative therapy to examine discourses and power dynamics of the relationships and context, and use client-centered approach to facilitate sense-making of our lives. For clients with more severe forms of anxiety such as OCD or trauma, I also use more structured approaches including CBT / ERP and EMDR to help clients bring about changes. I also interweave somatic approaches to engage clients' body sensations, postures, and movements to achieve a top-down and bottom-up integrated healing.


I have a special interest working with clients who are dissatisfied with where they are in life personally or professionally, and are experiencing anxiety in different forms. This may include dealing with life transition-related anxiety such as growing into adulthood, midlife and retirement, going through divorce, or dealing with gender identity issues. Career can be another source of anxiety, where you might be unsure, dissatisfied or experiencing burnout with your current career choice and wondering what to do next, or you might have anxiety associated with peer relationships. Another category of anxiety involves more persistent and generalized anxiety, where you may be suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or anxiety associated with past trauma or toxic relationships. For each of these categories, please visit the Services page for more information.

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