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About Me

I started my career as a scientist (PhD in biochemistry) and worked in various organizations including research, strategic planning, and commercial operations over the span of 20+ years. As I became a manager, I noticed I valued helping people with their personal challenges more than I enjoyed my “regular job.” Being encouraged by a counselor to pursue a counseling degree, I went back to school, became a licensed counselor, and will obtain my second PhD in Counselor Education in May 2023.  


I’m highly invested in growing and developing myself and people around me. That is the basis of my counseling belief that we can all evolve into our best self if we continue on the journey of learning, exploring, challenging our existing ways of being, and seeing life from a different perspective. Therefore, I see my role as a facilitator and a champion of your growth and wellbeing, and I strive to create a warm and safe environment that would allow you to explore, reflect and flourish.

My Approach

I believe our relationships influence how we see ourselves. Therefore, I employ a holistic approach toward counseling, not only addressing the internal symptoms but also focusing on the influences of the contextual and relational networks. Numerous methodologies have been found useful in facilitating such exploration. I employ narrative therapy to examine discourses and power dynamics of the relationships and context, and use client-centered approach to facilitate sense-making of our lives. For clients with grief or trauma, I also use more structured approaches including EMDR, ego state, DPM, and polyvagal theory to bring about changes and increase stability. Additionally, I work with clients to strengthen their relational networks including couple's therapy to facilitate system-based holistic healing.



  • PhD in Counselor Education (May, 2023)

  • Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Master in Business Administration

  • PhD in Biochemistry​
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