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Grief & Adjustment Counseling

Grief is not only experienced when we are mourning for the deceased, it is also pronounced when we lost something dear to us such as in the case of non-death losses. Sadness, anxiety, anger, and depression are frequently associated with both types of losses, and we need the presence of understanding others to help us through this difficult time and accompany us through the process. I offer a compassionate space and a supportive environment for you to grieve, pause, reflect, regroup and relaunch into the next chapter of your journey. I primarily employ dual process model (DPM), existential theory, and EMDR while working with clients who are experiencing pain due to death or non-death loss such as:

  • Disease or illness - loss of someone you love; loss of mobility and life style and dealing with uncertainty of the future 

  • Divorce - loss of stability, family structure, and potentially identity

  • Breakup - loss of future expectation

  • Retirement - loss of professional and potentially personal identity 

  • Addiction - family members frequently experience grief potentially due to loss of the person to the addiction and loss of future projection

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