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Career-Related Anxiety Counseling

Career is an unfolding sequence of experience over time instead of a static view of work arrangement. On average, we spend 40-60% of our waking hours working at jobs. Enjoying what we do and the people we are working with are some of the key considerations in career and life satisfaction. Thoughts and feelings about work influence how we see ourselves. Therefore, career is not only a way to bring financial stability to our lives; it is also a major contributor to our self-worth and sense of identity.


I provide career counseling to high school and college students who have challenges identifying their paths or majors. In addition, I work with adults who are dissatisfied with their current careers and are looking for changes whether you are in your thirties or in your sixties. Regardless of where you are in life, career can be a lifelong endeavor that serves as vehicle for self-expression and provides meaning to our lives.


In addition, I provide counseling that deals with peer relationships, office politics, and work-life balance-related issues. Since we spend a great deal of our waking hours at work, challenges and demands from work can greatly influence our personal wellbeing, which in turn, can impact our relationships outside of work. I’ll facilitate the examination of the organization power structure and culture, increased clarity your personal values, development of coping skills, and rehearsal of feasible actions and strategies.  

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