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Trauma Therapy

Have you experienced traumatic event such as a near-death car crash or endured repeated mistreatments by someone close to you? You may be experiencing PTSD or complex PTSD, which share common characteristics of having intrusive thoughts, hypervigilance, anxiety, depression, and associated negative cognition about self and others. When such symptoms become overwhelming, it can make us timid and fearful, and we may find ourselves trying to avoid people and places on a regular basis. Alternatively, we may use drugs or alcohol to help us escape, which make our life even more unmanageable. 


I provide a blended therapy that includes attachment theory, ego state, EMDR, and somatic approaches in working with individuals with trauma. Certified in EMDR, I have success helping clients who have the following experiences:


  • Exaggerated and prolonged worry, tension, and concerns when there is nothing significant happening

  • Easily triggered by people or events others don't seem to care

  • Easily hurt and constantly seeking validation from others

  • Persistent challenges with interpersonal issues

  • Mistreatment, neglect, and/or separation as a child

  • Domestic violence and emotional abuse

  • Feeling insecure or don't have a strong sense of self

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